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Sexy babes in London: Pimlico escorts

A lot of the younger gents who write into to us here at the Better Sex Guide, often asks us to recommend the agency in London which has the sexiest escorts. Pimlico escorts in have for a long time been known as the sexiest escorts in London. The agency has a lot of hot talent, and if you are hankering for sexy escorts, this is probably the agency that you are looking for. The girls who work for the agency are very popular among the young gents of London, and many of them use the agency on a regular basis. It is also a good agency if you are new to dating as many of the escorts who work for the agency are rather young.

I love Pimlico escorts, says Nick, it is just one of the most popular agencies in London at the moment. They always have hot fresh new talent and there always seems to be something going on. I have dated some really sexy ladies at the agency, and we have had a great time together. I know that my mates feel exactly the same way, and they also enjoy their hot dates with talented girls at the agency.

Another thing which is really great about Pimlico escorts, says Nick, is the fact that have lots of different services. Some senior gents may just be into one-on-one dating, but I appreciate a bit of extra action. My favorite dating style at the moment is duo dating, and I just can’t believe it that we have that in London now, says Nick. It is just one of those things that you have to experience when you are young free and single. I came across it in the US, and I thought it was the ultimate dating experience, smiles Nick with a wink of one eye.

Pimlico escorts also offer a party girl service. This is great when you want to go out with a whole loads of mates, and have a lot of fun. I enjoy that kind of dating a lot. It can be hard work chatting up girls, and when you finally get around to having fun, it is early hours in the morning. When you arrange a party girl service you can start having fun straight away, and that is what me and my mates like about party girls services like the ones from Pimlico girls, says Nick.

The Pimlico escorts agency was taken over a few years ago, and this explains a lot of the new services. It was actually taken over by the an American lady who used to own an agency in Las Vegas. She has introduced a lot of American dating concepts and this has lead to the agency becoming one of the most popular agencies among young gents in London. It is one of the few escorts agencies in London that also has a selection of male escorts and lesbian escorts. In short, everyone is catered for in Pimlico and in Pimlico style!

London escorts and private porn

My husband and I really enjoy porn movies and we recently tried to make our own private porn movie. We got a couple of friends involved as we could not contract in London escorts. To be honest we were really disappointed with London escorts as we have often used their escorts for couples service, but apparently London girls are not allowed to make porn movies. Unfortunately our porn movie was not a success. We did manage to upload it on line but that is how far as it got. What we did not realize was all of the work that goes into making a porn movie.

We would like to have a go at making another porn movie with a delicious London escort like Jodie from and we are wondering if you would be able to recommend a London escorts agency that could help us. As a matter of fact, we need a lot of help and we are also wondering if the Better Sex Guide could help us with distribution as well. It seems to be a lot of unknown factors involved in porn movie making which we were not prepared for and things can get both expensive and complicated. Thanks Lorna Dear Lorna,

Thank you for your email but we do not endorse private porn movies at all. I am not aware of any group of London escorts who would help you in your enterprise. It is quite right that all London escorts agencies have contract with their girls which strictly point out what they can do and can’t do. Most agencies will not allow their girls to make private porn movies as there a lot of concerns involved. First of all, the agencies would not be able to protect their girls and number two they would not have any control of distribution. These are only two problems.

London escorts do on occasion make professional porn movies and they receive compensation for their work. Quite often the London escorts agency they work for get a mention in the credits as well. London agencies will only endorse professional porn movies and will not participate in the distribution of private at all. It would be nice if we could all make our own personal porn movies but the fact is that a lot of private movies damage the industry. It is not easy to arrange and film a good quality porn movie.

Most of the professional porn movie is experiencing a lot of problems at the moment and this is one of the reasons escorts agencies are so concerned about letting London escorts participate in the making of porn movies. The industry has done a lot to clean itself up but some private persons who make porn movies have put a completely different spin on things. Some private movies have taken the porn movie industry back to the bad old days and the industry is suffering financially as a result. It is a big problem all around the world and London escorts agencies are taken quite a hard stance on the subject matter.

Holborn Exotic Blondes

You may never heard about our agency but we are unofficially known as the Holborn Exotic Blondes. There are quite a few Holborn escorts agencies, but we are the only Holborn escorts agency where you can meet young ladies from exotic countries such as Brazil. Okay, some agencies might have Brazilian escorts but we are the only agency in Holborn with only blonde escorts.

They do say that gents prefer blondes, and I got the idea to open the agency after a recent trip to Brazil. A lot of the ladies that I met in Brazil where red hot, and many of them were blonde. It turns out that a local of the local gents in Brazil like to date hot blondes and this is what gave me the idea to the agency.

This is not the first agency that I have owned in London, but it may be my last. The other agencies I owned in London were just standard VIP escorts agencies, and I did do very well. My first agency I inherited from my mother. She used to work as madam in Holborn here in London. I ran that for a few years before I opened one of Holborn’s first lap dance clubs. I really enjoyed the agency but I wanted a change of lifestyle, so I opened the lap dance club. After a little while, I started to miss the Holborn escorts service so I opened another agency called Holborn bunnies. When I hit 50, I sold that agency and went on a world trip with my wife.

escort agency

adorable and fun, thats what holborn escorts are

After a couple of weeks of traveling we ended up in Brazil, and ran into this quite escorts agency called Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. I thought it was a joke at first, but honestly all the escorts working at the agency were blond. My wife, a former dance, thought it was a great idea and suggested that we open a similar agency back in the UK when we got back.

And this is how we opened our agency which is now nicknamed Holborn Exotic Blondes. All of the Holborn escorts who work for this agency are from Brazil and other countries in the area such as Venezuela and Argentina. Of course, every single one is blonde and it is going great.

I still loves the Holborn escorts service business, but I have taken a bit of a back seat. My wife runs the agency, and you can mainly find me on the golf course. Every so often I do call in to check on the agency, but so far my wife is doing a better job than I could ever have done. I am really proud of her, and I am just letting her get on with business. At the end of a long day, I cook dinner and when she comes home I greet her with a gin and tonic.

If you like dating in Holborn and the surrounding areas, why don’t check out some of our exotic blondes…

Black girls are amazing

I have really been getting into dating black escorts recently. If you have never dated black escorts from, you should at least give it a try before you say no. Some black escorts are a bit bigger than other girls, but that is one thing I really like about black escorts. These days skinny women can be found everywhere, and some agencies will not employ women over a certain size.

I like bigger women, and I like black escorts agencies because they are honest about their women. They don’t say that girl is size ten, no black escorts agencies will furnish you with some real women with big boobs and butts. For a boob and butt man like myself, dating black is a real big treat.

Dating black is like dating in a treasure chest. You will find all the best action in places like Brixton and the agencies are sort non conformist. They seem to operate a little bit out of people’s comfort zones and that is another thing I really like about them and dating in this area.


Jessica is the hottest black escort that I know. She has the most amazing dark skin color, and the biggest but gentlest hands. I just love the way she treats me and looks after me. Like all serial escort daters, I have known some hot women in my life but I have never known anybody as hot as Jessica.

We met last year, and ever since then I have been dating Jessica once a week. It has more or less become a bit of an addiction, and I don’t that I could manage without the sight of Jessica’s soft bosom once a week. I had never expected to feel that way I feel about Jessica, but she just drives me wild with her passion.


Nettie is another black girl that I like to hang out with, she has skinny hips but she tells me her chest is a 34 DD. Personally, I would say it is a bit bigger than that as I could see my face disappearing in it. Mind you, at the moment that would not be okay as she is just my sexy companion.

I would like Nettie to be much more than my sexy girl on the side. She is one of those women I could imagine as a long time partner, and sometimes I don’t know what to do when I am around her. I just get moments when I can hardly contain myself.

Have you ever tried dating black? If, you haven’t tried dating black hot totty you should give it a whirl. I tell you now, that the black girls that you will meet on this side of town are the most honest babes. They are sweet and caring, and at the same time they can really knock your socks and everything else off.

There is not point in being shy, and you should try to come down to meet us all here in Brixton to get yourself some hot black action.

Secret Earnings from Celebrity Sex Tapes

Recently it seems to have become almost fashionable for celebrities to make their own secret sex tapes. The problem is that many of these celebrity sex tapes are leaked to the media, or are they?

Escorts in London are quick to point out that these sex tapes are worth a lot of money, and many london escorts believe that it is the celebrities themselves who leak the tapes. The tapes are either leaked to papers, magazines or TV show. All of a sudden, there is a big scandal and everyone from Oprah Winfrey to leading politicians start talking about invasion of privacy.

Well, london escorts are not that easily fooled and london escorts believe that celebrities do this to line their own pockets. Many popular escorts in London also point out that this is one simple and free way to keep your name in the headlines, and cash in on some free publicity. To hear more about what a London escort thinks visit

Historic Sex Tapes

There are many accounts of historic sex scandals and sex tapes. The United States political history is full of them, and often politicians seem to be the worse offenders.

It is even thought that many intelligence agencies around the world have stacks of sex tapes which could be used to bring on a politician’s down fall.

Black mail is one way these tapes can be used but in general they seem to be released when a celebrity or politician is a bit low in the rankings, or out of the headlines for too long.

How much money is made?

Many of these sex tapes are sold to publications. As they are in the business of selling scandalous news through printed media, they are more than happy to oblige and purchase the tape.

We seldom know who the seller is but london escorts suspect it is an agent acting on behalf of the celebrity. He or she receives commission from the sale, but the vast majority of the proceeds of the sale goes to the celebrity.

These transactions are seldom recorded, and as most payments are done using cash, celebrities do not pay any income tax on the earnings. Escorts in London believe this is highly illegal, and a stop should be put to the practice. After all, london escorts say that it is unfair for someone to avoid income tax and other associated expenses.

The fact is we don’t know how much is made but the amount of many is likely to run into perhaps at least $1 million dollars.

The Picture Fits

I think these London escorts are probably right. Celebrities often make sex tapes just to sell them themselves. They know a lot about sound, light and recording, and may even have agents in their circle who know how to sell the tapes for the most money.

Escorts in London are of the opinion that these productions are too neat and tidy to be anything else, and there are just too many doing the rounds. Perhaps some of these celebrities would rather be porn stars than famous singers and actresses.

The next time you hear about a new celebrity sex tape, it could be worth your while to think twice about what is going on here. When was the last time that actor, model or singer made a public appearance. Are they desperate for some extra cash as well as getting their names back in the headlines?