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Am I one of the few Victoria escorts from who have an obsession for red lingerie??? I often notice that many of my fellow Victoria escorts only wear black lingerie but I have a complete obsession with red lingerie, and I keep wondering why. Like all other girls I had an obsession with pink when I was little. Most girls do grow out of their color obsessions but mine seem to have turned into a red obsession. It must be a bit boring for my dates as when I open the door, I am always wearing red. I am sure that my dates visit other Victoria escorts as well, and the other Victoria escorts wear a selection of colors. Well, I don’t. I am one of the Victoria escorts who seem to have a complete obsession with the color red.


Victoria escorts often decorate their boudoirs in many different colors but mine consists of variations of red. The curtains are one color red, and my bed spread is another color red. At the moment I am really into a color which is known as antique Chinese red. I don’t know if you have ever seen Chinese brush painting, but that does use the color antique Chinese red. It is almost a burned color, and it is not a cold red. Chinese red is a warm red that goes well with a lot of other colors. Most Victoria escorts are very good at decorating but I only seem to be able to use the color red. Fortunately for me, most of my dates do not mind my style of decor or my red knickers. Aren’t I am lucky girl?

Red Obsession

My red obsession has cost me a fortune in lingerie bills. I know that I don’t need to buy every bit of red lingerie that I come across but something just drives me to do so. It feels like I don’t want any other Victoria escorts to wear red, so I simply have to buy every bit of red lingerie I come across. Over the years, I have spent a small fortune on red lingerie and still today I can’t resist a pair of red knickers. I am really lucky as I have two lovely dates who love to buy me red lingerie, they are both international business men and that means they travel the world. I am so delighted when they take time out of their busy schedule to buy me red lingerie. Almost every time they visit Victoria, they turn up with some red lingerie just for me. Needless, to say I now have rather a big collection of red lingerie from all over the world. One of dates says that I should not consider my obsession as something bad, I should rather consider my obsession a collection. I must admit I have never thought about it as a collection before, but he is quite right. I am a Victoria escort who collects red lingerie. Let me ask you, do you have an obsession or a a collection? And if so, is it red lingerie???

Can I be your Surbiton Easter Bunny?

Every Easter I like to put together a special celebration here at Surbiton escorts. This year, I have decided to be a cute little Easter bunny and I have bought a cute little female bunny outfit. It has a pink nose, lovely fluffy ears and special lingerie. Like all other bunnies, I plan to have a little basket with different Easter goodies. At first I was not sure what a sexy Easter Bunny would have in her basket, but know I know a little bit better.

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The first thing that I have packed in my basket here as a treat, is a bit of chocolate spread. I know that many of the gents that I date at Surbiton escorts, like a bit of chocolate. You can have so much fun with chocolate and I can think of many exciting places where I could spread my chocolate. Of course, I would have to be careful that I did not spread my chocolate in any really sensitive areas, that would not do at all.

Now all of the goodies in my basket would not be reserved for my fine gents at Surbiton escorts. Some of my friends that I work with like to have little treats as well. Just for them, I have put other special treats in my basket. Many of the buzz a little bit and come up with a few good vibrations. What Easter Bunny would not like that? This sexy Easter Bunny certainly would and I would be glad to set your world buzzing for you. I hope you will appreciate those vibrations as much as I do.

You will also find little special bottles in my Easter basket. They are all different types. Some of them can be enjoyed by mouth and others can be enjoyed in a totally different way. Let me put it this way, they contain the most precious oils and only us bunnies at Surbiton escorts know how to make use of them. If you are a really good boy this Easter, I will be delighted to show you how to use them. After all, Easter is a very precious time for us bunny and we like to make the most of it.

If you would like to arrange a date with the Easter Bunny at Surbiton escorts, you may want to make it soon. You see, there are only so many bunnies to go around and I would not want you to miss out any little treats. Nobody wants to be lonely at Easter and at Christmas and this is normally when we are the busiest. So you need to clear some space in your diary and make room for a bunny in your life. Give me a call, and I will hop over to your place as soon as I can. Would you like me to bring my little Easter basket and all of my special treats? Well, I thought so…Let me just fluff my tail up and I will be with you very soon.

Stansted Escorts

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There are so many agencies that offer you with escort service and so you just need to choose the one that you think can provide with legitimate services. When you are choosing escort services in Stansted, do not choose much expensive services as there are chances for them not to be much good as you think. Fund out those agencies available online that can help in providing with the services in much reduce rate. You should also make sure that they are providing complete services as there are many agencies that provide only companionship and no services related with sex. There are so many agencies that can provide you with cheap services but with good and pleasant experience. Many have experienced excellent sexual experience on hiring those agencies that can provide them the escort services in much reduced rate. The girls and the services provided by such companies are always found much appealing and worthy by the customers. The only thing is that you should try getting the services from a legitimate agency. Try to get reviews from online or from your friends before you are using the services of a particular agency.

Where to find singles in London

Are you single and looking to meet up with other hot singles in London? Being single in London is not that easy, and finding other singles can sometimes be even harder. When I first moved to London, I did not think that I would find any single friends. Most of the people back at the office seemed to be married. Sure there were a couple of girls that I really fancied, but since they were all in relationships with others, I did not want to rock the apple cart as they say.
After a little while, I got fed up with being single and started to look around for other dating opportunities in London. That is when I came across the girls at Ilford escorts. Not only were they hot and sexy, but they were all single! It was great not having to worry about boyfriends or husbands, and I found that I could spend loads of time with the hot babes at Ilford escorts without upsetting anybody.


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But of course, there are other dating opportunities out there in London as well. If you are not into dating Ilford escorts, you can check things out like speed dating and online dating. Both offers fantastic opportunities for you to have some serious adult fun. I have joined a speed dating club in London and I have to admit that I have met a couple of hot girls at the agency. They have been great fun to spend time with but have not been as sexy as Ilford escorts. I still think that they are the ultimate dates.
One of the best places to pick up single girls in London is the supermarket checkout line. You will not get a single point or extra benefit for doing so, but this is a great place to meet girls. I have always found it to be easy to strike up a conversation with a girl in a supermarket line. They are easy to identify, and you can quickly appreciate that they are single when you sneak a peak in their basket. I love doing that and so far I have never got it wrong.
But, if you don’t want to bother with all of that, you can always check out Ilford escorts. This is probably one of the best escorts services in North London. Whenever I feel in need of some special company. I check out what Ilford girls have to offer me. Most of the time you will find that a lot of the girls at the agency are ready to meet up with any time day or night. That suits me fine as I work really long hours. Just give them a call, and you will find that a hot girl will be waiting at your door after you have had a shower. After date with a hot girl from Islington escort services, I promise you that you will feel like a new man. I have always had some great dates, and I have this feeling that you will enjoy dating the hot babes as well.

Peckham escorts on porn movies

What do you do when you watch a porno? I love watching pornos and I know that I am slightly addicted to them. That could perhaps be an understatement as over the years I have managed to build up a collection of porn movies. Folks collect all sorts of things and I happen to collect porn movies. Some of the girls that I date at Peckham escorts laugh at me when I tell them how many porn movies that I own.


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My collection habit started when I first sort of got interested in sex. At the time, I was not expecting the habit to take over my life, but it kind of has taken over my life. As my hot babes at Peckham escorts know, adult entertainment is very much a part of my life, and I don’t seem to be able to get away from it. There have been times in my life when I have gone out with what I call real women, but they have not really turned me on as much as outcall escorts. Dating escorts is a real passion of mine.


When you date escorts, you sort of get a sense that you are doing something a little bit naughty, and that is what I think I like about it. When I first started out dating escorts, I thought that I was a really bad person. Now I know that a lot of other guys around London are into dating girls such as the sexy ladies at Peckham escorts. For many, it has kind of become a lifestyle. I cannot say that I experience it that way. For me dating sexy escorts is more like experiencing and fulfilling a deep rooted need that I cannot get away from.


My family don’t know what I am into dating Peckham escorts even though they live in the area. I think that if my mom found that I was into dating ladies of the night, she would be really upset. A couple of times my parents have asked me if I am gay. It is getting harder and harder to explain the truth away. I keep on telling my mom that I have not mate the right girl yet. It is not true, but it is my way of keeping her happy.


Okay, I know that I cannot carry on like this. Am I a sex addict? I am not sure what the signs of a sex addict are but I think that I might be a little border line. When I mention that to the girls at Peckham escorts, they just laugh at me. I wish that I could be honest with myself and get some help, but I can’t. As soon as I see a new hot girl at the agency, I know that I just need to experience and be with her. Surely, that is not a good sign? It would be great to flick a switch and get the hot babes out of my head. Is that going to happen? I doubt it very much. Unless I get some help, I think that I will be stuck in this loop dating escort from Peckham escort services forever…