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Bondage through the ages

I am sorry to have to disappoint you all but bondage is not anything new. A couple of escorts that I know who work for long escorts agency online site have done some excellent historic research into the use of bondage. Both girls who have been working as escorts in London for quite a few years, are now ready to hung up their frilly knickers and open a Sex Toy museum in Soho, London.

The girls are hoping to be able to dedicate one room to the history of bondage throughout history. It will be sort of a celebration of all things sex the two escorts say, and they are now looking for sponsors to help them fund the undertaking.

History in Bondage

The origins of bondage go back a long way, and it first seems to have appeared in Japan. From ancient texts the escorts have been able to ascertain that different types of bondage were used as far as the 1600’s. It was called Shibari back then, and was initially used as a form of punishment.

Rope Bondage

Ancient Japanese texts talk about bondage being used by geishas in and around 1650 AD. It appears to have been introduced to geishas by warriors who had enjoyed the experience of Shibari.

Somewhere along the line they must have shown geishas how to use the ropes. Geishas soon took full advantage of their new found knowledge and added it to their range of delights. Soon after this Shibari seems to have become quite mainstream, and there are many texts which refer to its use.

In the 1800’s we see the introduction of komon sarashi shibari which were when a group of individuals joined together to practice ritual sexual bondage. There are many texts which refer to this practice and it can also be seen on wood block carvings.

Today, it can still be found on offer in Tokyo and many other Japanese cities, and it has even become a bit of an art form. Even exhibits of Shibari techniques can be seen and like everything else the Japanese love to celebrate this part of their culture. Needless to say it is down with the utmost perfection.

Leather bondage

Other cultures seem to have been more into leather bondage, and in India you will find that leather bondage used to be very popular. The art of tying leather knots to subdue your partner seemed to have been practised by the higher casts. Perhaps they had more time to explore their sexuality than the other casts.

Leather bondage has now very much disappeared from the modern day Indian culture the two escorts point out, but there are plenty of references to it both in Indian literature and imagery.

There are many other examples of bondage throughout history as well the two escorts are quick to point out. However, the girls are planning to kick off with a display of Shibari bondage as it is such an interactive technique. Visitors would be invited to have a go at tying their own bondage knots, and see if they can master this ancient Japanese craft


is double penetration in sex even safe?

Usually during sex or masturbation, the man’s penis or sometimes a sex toy penetrates the vagina only. During anal sex, the penis or a escorts sex toy penetrates the anus only. In double penetration, the penis or sex toy penetrates the vagina and anus simultaneously. This is very pleasurable to the woman who really enjoys feeling complete during sex, plus it can statistically increase the amount plus intensity of a lady’s orgasms significantly. London escorts will explain below the best practices for double pen.

Escorts in London understand that a woman’s g-spot isn’t easily penetrated leaving her sometimes unsatisfied, this is where double pen comes in handy for women. The sex object is inserted into the anus it actually rubs on against back side of a g-spot it stimulates from the other side. This also helps to push the g-spot in a forward direction into the toy or penis that has been inserted in the vagina hence it receives much more stimulation from the front side too. London escorts say that combining stimulation of the clitoris and insertion of a toy or dick into the vagina resulting in a very wild orgasm!

sexy london escorts

sexy london escorts

Since double penetration includes anal sex, some things need to be done to ensure everything stays healthy, clean and safe;

Ensure you Use condoms with your sex toys warn London escorts. Ensure you do not insert the sex toy inside the anus and then later inside the vagina without firstly taking off the condom used by the anus and putting another. It prevents some serious bacterial infections.

London escorts say do not use the sex toys inside the anus and the toys aren’t designed for use for anal sex. If they don’t have wide base or ring on one end of it, that prevents a toy from slipping in the rectum fully, this is not something you wish to use in anal stimulation. If it is not designed for use in anal sex, it will slip up in and get lost therefore requiring an expensive urgent medical operation.

If you are having sexual intercourse with two men, use a condom. STD’s are transmitted this way, especially when the men exchange the anus and vagina escorts in London can’t stress enough the importance of safe sex. Like with sex toys, ensure you don’t allow anal – vagina sex activity without fresh condom being worn on in between.

Go slow plus use lube. Anal tissues will tear & bleed if you are not using a lube, going too fast or you are using something which is too big.

When it hurts, stop. London escorts advise against using a desensitising lube during an anal sex because you will definitely want to experience it if it hurts, if it does, one needs to stop! Never ever continue with a penetration if there is any kind of pain. If he’s going to enter your vagina, you will want to possess small butt plug in hand in order to insert into the rectum. If you are more advanced in this sex technique, one can try using larger sex toys for anal sex. It can be as simplistic as the torpedo vibrator or as complex as the Rabbit vibrator which stimulates the g-spot plus the clitoris simultaneously. Also for ultimate lessons you must ask yourself. You can always find the best and cheapest London escorts here.

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How to Convince your Partner to Make a Saucy Sex Tape.

In a relationship, one of the most important things is being able to get intimate and being able to document such moments can allow you to make a reference on how you would like to spice things up. However, women being the careful kind that they are might be quite skeptical about having to make a sex tape. However, if you have ever had yourself taped by London escorts and later watched it, you know how arousing and important it can be especially if you’re doing it with someone that you love. If they are not for the idea, then you can use this simple steps to reel them in.

Watch sexy films together.

The first thing that you have to do is show them that this might not be as a bad idea as they might have thought. The easiest way to start drumming up support for the idea is to watch some sexy films together with London escorts the three of you chilling may make her feel more relaxed. This is key because it loosens the mind and allows the partner to be more open minded to the idea and hence you have better chance of getting them to accept it.

Pay her lots of compliments.

In the spirit of still allowing her to have a more open mind to the idea once you state your case, London escorts suggest you give her a lot of good compliments. This reinforces her confidence physically and having a sex tape would be a great way of her seeing those qualities in the same way that you do. Furthermore, this can also add on her anxiousness to want to make the tape if at all it will allow her to see the truth in your complements. London escorts suggest to buy her some nice lingerie which allows her to feel sexy and adventurous.

Let her in on your idea.

This is the moment of truth. Escorts in London warn partners take every step slowly, just because you have prepared her well does not mean that she is going to jump in on it with both feet. She is still going to be skeptical about the whole idea and that is why you should be prepared about this. It is advisable that you set it as a question and then iron out the fun and benefits of this. She might still be skeptical about this.

Let her keep the tape.

To take away any of their worries since most women are usually concerned that it might end up on the internet, you can let her know that she can keep the tape. This should just about do the trick.

Let her watch it and you never know she might just change and get on board.

London escorts say NEVER make any negative comments.

Once the tape is out, do not make any negative comments, you might want to try the same thing again and not with an escort so you might want to consider any negative comments as areas where you can improve on next time but do not make the mistake of mentioning such comments as it is will make her feel less secure about trying the same thing again.

Sex Tips You’ll Only Hear From a Porn Star

Go All Out for Role Play
Avoid the always-open costume shop that sells that generic French maid outfit for 50 percent off. “Something more elaborate shows that you’re making the time and effort to dress up and do something special for your partner,” says Drake, who has to prep for movies by wearing some very realistic costumes. Sure, it’s all pretend, but we bet you’ll get way more into your sexy doctor role if you’re not in an itchy, uncomfortable polyester dress.

Keep Your Clothes On
Well, at least some. “The reason we keep our shoes on is because it elongates our legs and pushes our [butts] up so that certain positions feel better for you,” says Drake. Plus, if you’re dressed up as characters, you still want to remember your fantasy throughout your entire romp, she adds.

Masturbate During Breaks
Get this: A 15-minute to 20-minute porn scene can take at least an hour to create, says Drake. But by no means are the porn stars going at it for that long—people need to catch their breath at some point, and the same goes for you. Interruptions happen, whether the kids need attention or your partner loses his erection mid-sex. When it does, don’t let your sex drive stall. Drake masturbates between takes to keep herself turned on. This way, she’s ready to get back in the game when halftime is over.

Switch Between Foreplay and Intercourse
Sex should never be a linear action, says Drake. Going from foreplay to sex and back to oral keeps “surprising” your impending orgasm, so you never really know when you’ll climax (hot, hot, hot!). Just remember that if you’re using condoms, use a new one for each act of oral sex or penetration.

Talk Dirty
We don’t mean shouting loud enough for your neighbors to call the cops—most women probably don’t make that much noise during sex, says Drake. “I like when a guy is whispering in my ear about what he’s about to do, that’s a really big turn-on,” she adds. You know how to talk dirty to your partner to get their blood pumping, but encourage them to reciprocate by telling you how you’re making them feel. Everyone loves a good compliment.

Pay Attention to Your Needs
Drake says she orgasms more during softcore scenes because she gets to focus more on her own needs. So take her cue and figure out what positions or situations work best for you—then make sure they get their due “camera time.” Forget about everything else going on and focus on your pleasure for a while just like when you are with an escort from any agency like End scene!

There are many more tips from different porn-stars available on for you. Learn how to fuck her like a pornstar from the best actors of porn.

Tips for Watching Porn As a Couple

Talk about what you are interested in before you begin looking for a film. This will help you find a comfortable starting-point.

Pick something out together
Get something that you are both interested in. This is a great environment to talk openly about your interests and find out what her turn-ons are. Have fun with it.

Find time and space when you know you will not be disturbed
The last thing you want is to be thinking about the kids bursting in at any minute while you are watching some hot in-out action.

Do make fun of porn
It’s an ideal icebreaker to mutually laugh at the stupid music or the awkward positions.

But don’t make fun of porn TOO much
You may be inadvertently criticizing what really turns her on. Or you may “ruin” the mood.

Start off with something mild
“Couples” videos or is a great place to start. 70’s music and hairy, natural people are less threatening, somehow.

Fast forwarding is your friend
If something doesn’t work for either of you, fast forward. Note: Before you leap for the button make sure you KNOW for certain it is not a secret turn on for your partner. Talk about it. Joke about it. Porn is an excellent way to open up communication about what technique he/she likes or doesn’t like. And, it’s a way to tell them gently what you would like more or less of.

Pay attention to cues
Is she is looking on in horror as her body turns rigid, or is she sidling up to you while she squirms in her seat? That is an important distinction. Observe…and you will be rewarded.

Learn from porn, but don’t take it at face value
Myths and inaccuracies are so prevalent in adult film that it is almost laughable. Just because a male porn star can make a female porn star orgasm by sticking his penis down her throat does not mean ANY other woman will come that way. Check your facts. Uhhh…her clitoris is not in the back of her throat.