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Good Girls’ Guide to Making a Sex Tape

14You want us to do what? Are you nuts?
Typically, the first thing that falls out of our mouths when asked about making a sex tape with our guy is that good girls don’t make homemade porn videos. That was the rule back in the day, but has the definition of what a “good girl“ evolved?

The online porn industry makes well over $14B annually and roughly 60 percent comes from amateur porn videos. What does that mean? There’s a good chance you or a friend of yours has made a homemade sex tape. Tokii spoke to many people about making homemade sex tapes and most were “girl next door types” with reputable jobs as teachers, accountants, and lawyers. When we asked them what motivated them to make a sex tape with their partner, this is what they said:

Make themselves happy – they enjoy a bit of experimentation
Voyeurs at heart – they’re both already watching
Exhibition – be the writer, director & star of the show
Shake up the bedroom – ditch the routine

Sex Tips You’ll Only Hear From a Porn Star

Go All Out for Role Play
Avoid the always-open costume shop that sells that generic French maid outfit for 50 percent off. “Something more elaborate shows that you’re making the time and effort to dress up and do something special for your partner,” says Drake, who has to prep for movies by wearing some very realistic costumes. Sure, it’s all pretend, but we bet you’ll get way more into your sexy doctor role if you’re not in an itchy, uncomfortable polyester dress.

Keep Your Clothes On
Well, at least some. “The reason we keep our shoes on is because it elongates our legs and pushes our [butts] up so that certain positions feel better for you,” says Drake. Plus, if you’re dressed up as characters, you still want to remember your fantasy throughout your entire romp, she adds.
Masturbate During Breaks
Get this: A 15-minute to 20-minute porn scene can take at least an hour to create, says Drake. But by no means are the porn stars going at it for that long—people need to catch their breath at some point, and the same goes for you. Interruptions happen, whether the kids need attention or your partner loses his erection mid-sex. When it does, don’t let your sex drive stall. Drake masturbates between takes to keep herself turned on. This way, she’s ready to get back in the game when halftime is over.

Switch Between Foreplay and Intercourse
Sex should never be a linear action, says Drake. Going from foreplay to sex and back to oral keeps “surprising” your impending orgasm, so you never really know when you’ll climax (hot, hot, hot!). Just remember that if you’re using condoms, use a new one for each act of oral sex or penetration.

Talk Dirty
We don’t mean shouting loud enough for your neighbors to call the cops—most women probably don’t make that much noise during sex, says Drake. “I like when a guy is whispering in my ear about what he’s about to do, that’s a really big turn-on,” she adds. You know how to talk dirty to your partner to get their blood pumping, but encourage them to reciprocate by telling you how you’re making them feel. Everyone loves a good compliment.

Pay Attention to Your Needs
Drake says she orgasms more during softcore scenes because she gets to focus more on her own needs. So take her cue and figure out what positions or situations work best for you—then make sure they get their due “camera time.” Forget about everything else going on and focus on your pleasure for a while just like when you are with an escort from any agency like End scene!

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Tips for Watching Porn As a Couple

Talk about what you are interested in before you begin looking for a film. This will help you find a comfortable starting-point.

Pick something out together
Get something that you are both interested in. This is a great environment to talk openly about your interests and find out what her turn-ons are. Have fun with it.

Find time and space when you know you will not be disturbed
The last thing you want is to be thinking about the kids bursting in at any minute while you are watching some hot in-out action.
Do make fun of porn
It’s an ideal icebreaker to mutually laugh at the stupid music or the awkward positions.

But don’t make fun of porn TOO much
You may be inadvertently criticizing what really turns her on. Or you may “ruin” the mood.

Start off with something mild
“Couples” videos or is a great place to start. 70’s music and hairy, natural people are less threatening, somehow.

Fast forwarding is your friend
If something doesn’t work for either of you, fast forward. Note: Before you leap for the button make sure you KNOW for certain it is not a secret turn on for your partner. Talk about it. Joke about it. Porn is an excellent way to open up communication about what technique he/she likes or doesn’t like. And, it’s a way to tell them gently what you would like more or less of.

Pay attention to cues
Is she is looking on in horror as her body turns rigid, or is she sidling up to you while she squirms in her seat? That is an important distinction. Observe…and you will be rewarded.

Learn from porn, but don’t take it at face value
Myths and inaccuracies are so prevalent in adult film that it is almost laughable. Just because a male porn star can make a female porn star orgasm by sticking his penis down her throat does not mean ANY other woman will come that way. Check your facts. Uhhh…her clitoris is not in the back of her throat.